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    22 Cheap Products That Are The Definition Of A Good Idea

    Everything is less than a tenner.

    1. Add some storage to your bathroom without bringing the toolbox out thanks to these Command hooks. They're water resistant, so ideal for your shower wall!

    2. The silicone bristles of this toilet brush make it so much easier to clean than a regular one, and it comes with a breathable holder that'll prevent any gross water forming at the base.

    3. Summer is around the corner which means potential ant infestations are too. These bait stations easily eradicate the problem and last for up to three months at a time!

    4. This clever gadget will ensure your eggs are always boiled just how you like them. Add it into the water with your eggs and its colour indicator will change according to how cooked they are!

    5. These mini dehumidifiers are the perfect size for your wardrobes and cupboards. They contain hydrophilic crystals that absorb excess moisture from the air and last between four and six weeks.

    6. Stay cool even as the weather heats up thanks to this genius towel! Wet the towel, wring it out, give it a shake, and it'll proceed to keep you cool for ages.

    7. Sick of throwing out snacks because they've gone stale? Try this handheld sealer that will help bagged food stay fresher for longer.

    8. Now that you're probably out and about a bit more, it's important to keep your valuables safe. This RFID and NFC-blocking card will keep your entire wallet protected from anyone trying to scan your details.

    9. This jar candle topper helps your candle to burn evenly, because there's nothing more frustrating than it tunneling after just a few burns!

    10. Pop one of these Nespresso cleaning capsules into your appliance and it'll remove buildup from the spout, brewing chamber, and more!

    11. These silicone brushes will ensure you get a perfectly even and thin layer of whatever face mask you're applying.

    12. Stop your beauty sponge from getting mucky in your makeup bag by using this breathable silicone protector case.

    13. This Miracle-Gro plant food spike is specially formulated for indoor plants, and will keep them fed for up to two months!

    14. Getting into the nooks and crannies of your glasses and mugs can be a faff, but this gadget from Joseph Joseph makes it easy. Pop its suction cup backing on the inside of your sink and then place your cup on top of the brush and twist it around to clean it.

    15. The soft silicone brush on this reusable pet hair remover will de-fur your soft furnishings without damaging the fabric. It's easy to keep clean too – just remove any excess hair and rinse it under running water.

    16. And speaking of pet fur, this super-strong tool will remove any hair that's getting tangled up in your vacuum's roller and brushes.

    17. Barbecue season is around the corner, which means these shredding "claws" are sure to get a lot of use. They're an easy way to get perfect pulled pork and shredded chicken every time.

    18. If you're someone who loves the feeling of a cool pillow (though who among us doesn't?), you'll definitely appreciate this insert that transfers heat away from your body.

    19. There is something so grossly satisfying about these Korean exfoliating mitts. Use these after you've soaked in the tub for a little while and prepare to be amazed at all the dead skin that rolls off of you.

    20. Remove makeup and nourish your skin at the same time by adding this vitamin C-infused cleansing oil to your skincare routine.

    21. Say goodbye to blotting papers and hello to this oil-absorbing roller from Revlon. It contains real volcanic stone and is perfect for taking on the go to remove any mid-afternoon forehead shine.

    22. Disposable wipes for your flat mop can be wasteful and expensive, but these reusable ones can just be chucked in the washing machine when they get mucky.