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18 Cakes That Are Funnier Than They Have A Right To Be

I'd 100% still eat all of these.

1. This innocent cake that from certain angles looks...not so innocent.

Okay. I know this cake is a number 1 and it says “Emma," but it LOOKS like a dick with balls that says “WEED"

2. This super-ominous cake.

3. This cake that's the victim of some miscommunication.

4. This hilariously passive-aggressive cake.

5. This well-meaning cake that proves "Curt" should be avoided in cursive sometimes.

6. This unexpectedly intimidating cake.

Ma sister paid to get a cake made like the happy go lucky cup and pot from beauty and the beast n they look like there ready to punch ma cunt in https://t.co/bCCOO8M31V

7. This cake born out of a practical joke.

8. This uncomfortably graphic birthday cake.

9. And this disturbing chocolate cake.

10. This incredibly savage cake.

11. This cake that's a result of handing over a USB and saying "here's the picture."

12. This misunderstanding between a customer and a bakery.

13. This very strange-looking fish on a cookie cake.

14. This attempt at a "congratulations, you did it!" cake.

15. This very embarrassing mix-up.

got a walmart cake for my bro-in-law nick & the woman asked his name i thought she said color so i said "surprise me" &she put steve im done https://t.co/Ak9Jnho6v0

16. This cake that definitely needs some context.

17. This response to being asked to make a cake for a superhero-themed swim party.

18. And this reason why it's worth double-checking the message.