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    18 Cake Fuckups That Are Guaranteed To Make You Wince

    Not all cakes are made equal.

    1. This sad monstrosity.

    2. This cake that was very averse to caramel.

    3. This horrifying hedgehog.

    4. This cake that is more cat than lamb.

    5. This rainbow cake with seeping white icing.

    6. This ~interesting~ recreation of a dog, in cake form.

    7. This caramel cake that didn't quite turn out right.

    8. This interesting take on a checkerboard cake.

    9. This pound cake that didn't ~rise~ to the occasion.

    10. This pink mess.

    11. This unusual homage to an anime character.

    12. This cake with sinister-looking red icing.

    13. These ~rustic~ cake pops.

    14. This earnest attempt that didn't meet its expectations.

    15. These evil snowmen.

    16. These red velvet brownies that kind of resemble steak.

    17. This recreation, featuring a tea light.

    18. And finally, this utterly chilling unicorn cake.