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    29 Bestselling Beauty Products That Readers Loved In 2020

    From grossly-satisfying pimple patches to a sheer, buildable blush.

    1. This seriously strong Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover can dissolve the dry skin around your nails in as little as 15 seconds!

    2. These inexpensive little razors are perfect for everything from shaping your brows to dermaplaning and removing peach fuzz.

    3. These Dot for Spots patches will conceal and heal your pimples! They work by drawing out all the gunk from the pore, creating an optimal environment for your spot to heal.

    4. The surprisingly soft bristles of this Denman shower brush will let you really work shampoo into your scalp for a properly thoroughly clean.

    5. These highly-rated NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix night pads effortlessly exfoliate and decongest your skin for a glowing complexion! This bumper pack of them should last you a while.

    6. This Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara volumises lashes for a 'fanned-out' effect and can be layered on without going clumpy.

    7. The iconic Boy Brow by Glossier thickens, shapes, and grooms brows for a natural-looking fullness without giving them a stiff texture.

    8. This Vera Wang Princess perfume has a deliciously sweet scent with notes of amber, vanilla, and chocolate.

    9. If your skin is prone to blemishes, it might be worth trying this salicylic acid-infused soap – it decongests clogged pores and contains apricot kernels to help clear away excess oil.

    10. The W7 It's Magic! makeup remover cloth is well, basically magic. It can clean off your makeup using only water – and yes, it'll even get rid of waterproof mascara!

    11. You can give yourself a manicure worthy of a mermaid with this fast-drying nail polish from Rimmel.

    12. These highly-rated foot peel masks remove the hard, dead skin from your feet in the most grossly satisfying way possible.

    13. Nourish dry and damaged hair with this recovery shampoo and conditioner from Bed Head! They provide an intense shot of hydration and are suitable for use on coloured hair too.

    14. Glossier's LidStar shadows are the perfect low-effort solution if you want to do an eye ~look~ but don't like messing around with powder eyeshadows – just swipe it on, pat to blend, and you're done!

    15. This vitamin C serum will leave your skin looking more even and radiant, and has the rave reviews to back up its claims!

    16. Ponytail-induced headaches and annoying bumps in your hair will be a thing of the past with these genius Invisibobble hair ties. Their unique 'phone cord' design places uneven pressure on the hair, helping to prevent kinks and tugging.

    17. The PIXI Glow Tonic has more than earned its cult status – the glycolic acid in this toner exfoliates away dead skin to leave you glowing.

    18. These at-home teeth whitening strips get to the hard-to-reach bits of your enamel for a truly even and bright smile. Their strong yet flexible adhesion means they'll easily stay in place while you use them too!

    19. The combination of soothing chamomile and hydrating hyaluronic acid make this Garnier sheet mask the perfect treat for your skin!

    20. This Maybelline concealer offers amazing coverage while still being blendable and not looking cakey.

    21. This Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector revitalises dry and damaged hair, making it healthier and stronger. Hundreds of happy customers are seriously impressed by its results!

    22. The Cloud Paint gel-cream blush by Glossier has a sheer and buildable pigment that's perfect for people who are scared about accidentally overdoing it when it comes to blusher. The soft-focus effect it gives doesn't highlight skin texture, so it's a true "your skin, but better" look!

    23. You can use the three L'Oréal clay masks in this set on different areas of your face to target specific skin concerns.

    24. Strengthen your nails with this repairing Keratin Bomb serum! It gets right down into the structure of the nail to prevent them from splitting and breaking.

    25. This set of makeup brushes is of a really high quality, especially for its price point – it's little wonder that it's so popular!

    26. Glossier's Balm Dotcom is more than a lip balm – you can also use it as a skin salve on other dry areas! It contains nourishing ingredients like castor oil and beeswax, and doesn't leave a shiny finish on the lips like some balms can.

    27. You can wear this Rimmel Fix and Perfect primer by itself to give your skin a boost, or layer it under foundation to make your makeup last longer.

    28. For those who like trying new beauty products and saving money (that's most of us then), LOOKFANTASTIC's Beauty Box subscription offers a selection of incredible products through your door every month while costing a fraction of what you'd pay for the items individually.

    29. At 700ml, this massive bottle of Garnier micellar water should last you a while! It gently dissolves makeup without causing dryness or irritation.