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    38 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts To Give In 2021

    A warning: you'll fall in love with all of these.

    1. Flowers and chocolates are Valentine's Day classics for a reason, so why not combine them with these delicious floral-themed treats?

    2. If they prefer experience-based gifts (which is a little tricky ATM given, y'know, everything), this 'escape room in an envelope' is the perfect present!

    3. They'll go starry-eyed over these unique studded Converse low-tops.

    4. These socks are sure to make them laugh, and make you slightly regretful when you end up brewing them their fifth cuppa of the day.

    5. Bookworms will adore this heart-shaped leather corner bookmark that you can personalise with their initials.

    6. These personalised mini '12 reasons why I love you' letters may be small in size, but they'll have a big impact.

    7. If they struggle to take a moment for themselves, treat them to this luxe pampering set from Sanctuary Spa. It includes a bubble bath, salt scrub, face mask, and more!

    8. For a floral gift that'll last for ages, there's this 24k gold-plated rose they can treasure forever.

    9. Looking to splurge? LELO's SONA 2 clitoral stimulator is well worth the money. Its sonic waves provide a ~deeply~ satisfying sensation without making direct contact.

    10. Treat them to this delightfully floral St. Valentine's loose leaf tea that has notes of rose and hibiscus.

    11. You can fill this Up-themed scrapbook with your favourite memories of the two of you – I'm pretty sure it'd delight any Disney fan!

    12. This 'A to Z of you' book has a different letter of the alphabet on every page that you can then fill with a reason your S.O. is so wonderful. You can even personalise the front with their name!

    13. This Botanical Box subscription will be the gift that keeps on giving, as they'll receive gorgeous flowers through their door every month for three months!

    14. This 'A Year of Dates' box contains 52 cards containing a different date idea to try each week – many of them can be done from home and you can save the going-out ones for later in the year! It also includes five blank cards that you can write your own ideas onto.

    15. This gorgeous bouquet includes pink silk flowers, a selection of chocolates, and Yankee candle votives.

    16. You can personalise this magazine-look jigsaw puzzle with reasons why you love your partner. Alongside being a fun way to pass the time, they'll have a thoughtful keepsake at the end of it!

    17. The bath melts in this set are packed with cocoa and shea butters to nourish their skin, and the packaging is so gorgeous that you won't even need to wrap it.

    18. Craft beer lovers will seriously appreciate this hamper that contains five drinks, a glass, and some chocolate hearts!

    19. If they like their presents to be practical, may I suggest this touch-activated bedside lamp? It's a Bluetooth speaker, light, and alarm clock all in one!

    20. Any skincare lover would be seriously impressed to get this Skincare Edit by Glossier. It features a number of their iconic products and will earn you a *ton* of brownie points.

    21. You can customise this apron with their name and a fun message – so it's perfect whether they think they're the master of roasts or worthy of star-baker status.

    22. Let them know you think they're out of this world by gifting them these handcrafted star and moon earrings.

    23. If their beard is their pride and joy, they'll appreciate this comprehensive kit that'll get it looking its best! It contains a conditioner, oil, cleansing foam, and so much more.

    24. They'll get a sweet message every time they finish a cuppa thanks to this thoughtful handmade mug.

    25. These penguin socks can be personalised with your names and come as two pairs – so it's a gift for you as well as them.

    26. I struggle to think of anyone who wouldn't be delighted to receive this giant brownie through the letterbox this Valentine's Day. You can customise it with a romantic message of your choosing.

    27. This deliciously rich Tuscan wafer cake is the perfect dessert to end your Valentine's Day dinner with. The handmade cake is filled with a hazelnut gianduja between its wafer layers before being covered in chocolate and decorated with rose petals.

    28. Give them a gift they'll want to keep on using with this 'box of favours'! It includes ten pre-written favours and five blank cards that you can fill in with whatever you choose.

    29. If they're a Peaky Blinders fan, they're going to love this Garrison Tavern pint glass!

    30. For a gift that's cheesy in the best possible way, there's this kit that'll let them make ten different delicious cheeses from around the world.

    31. These thought-provoking 'Our Moments' cards will get you out of your comfort zone and help you both understand each other on a deeper level.

    32. I'm pretty sure they'll never want to take off this Baby Yoda T-shirt once they receive it.

    33. The tan colour of these Nike trainers means they're likely to go with pretty much all of their outfits.

    34. These beard oils reduce itchiness, add hydration, and come in a wide array of scents that they'll love.

    35. Give the gift of cosiness with this electric heated throw blanket! It's extra large so there's enough room for you to both share it (if they let you, that is).

    36. The sweet and spicy scent of this Glossier perfume will go down a treat with the lucky giftee!

    37. They'll enjoy sipping their morning potion – I mean, tea – from this Harry Potter mug.

    38. This lightsaber pizza cutter makes The Sound when being used and is perfect if your partner's a massive Star Wars fan.