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    18 Baking Fails Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    The moral of the story: Let your cakes cool before icing them.

    1. These cookies that didn't work out.

    2. This volcano cake that didn't quite meet expectations.

    3. These baked meringues that look like...something else.

    4. This unfortunate-looking lamb cake.

    5. And this well-intentioned cake that didn't quite match up to its hopes.

    6. This birthday cake that doesn't reflect the thought behind it.

    7. These cookies that don't look that much like cookies.

    8. This snowman that had a promising start.

    9. These Groot cakes that wanted to be out of this world.

    10. This caramel cake that, to be fair, I'd still eat.

    11. This cookie-brownie hybrid that resulted in neither a cookie nor a brownie.

    12. This Harry Potter cake that will haunt your dreams.

    13. This watermelon cake that went heavy on the icing.

    14. This Santa bread that can see into your soul.

    15. This broken cake that was not improved with icing.

    16. This aerodynamic take on a croissant.

    17. These choux buns that became hamburger buns.

    18. And this blueberry muffin attempt that will confuse the hell out of you.

    H/T r/ExpectationsVsReality.