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    18 Back To School Things From Redbubble That I, Someone Who Isn't Even A Student, Would Buy For Myself

    Look, you're never too old for some new stationery!

    1. This pencil case is so pretty, you might want to buy multiples to use as a makeup bag or purse!

    2. This hardcover notebook featuring a shiba inu eating ramen is far cuter than it has any right to be.

    3. This punny tote bag is perfect for carrying around your reading list.

    4. And this lightweight cat and flower motif tote is ideal for when you've not got as much to carry.

    5. Keep your laptop safe and snug in this ridiculously gorgeous sleeve.

    6. Pop your stationery and papers in this corgi-patterned tote that will brighten your mood every time you look at it.

    7. If you can't even *think* of studying before you've had your caffeine fix, you'll love this tarot-inspired spiral notebook.

    8. Or if you prefer something a bit more muted, this one carries the same sentiment.

    9. Liven up your laptop by adding this celestial skin to it!

    10. Honestly? I may just buy this 'Bad Witch' backpack for myself.

    11. This pencil case is simply a massive mood.

    12. This lemon print backpack will put you in a summery mood all year round.

    13. While this moon and stars one is totally out of this world.

    14. I'm loving the retro vibes of this psychedelic pencil case.

    15. The gorgeous design of this sea-themed hardcover journal makes it look like it costs way more than it does.

    16. The slogan on this laptop skin will never *not* be relevant.

    17. This spiral notebook will provide a little boost (as if new stationery wasn't motivating enough already!).

    18. And if you want to add a lil' cuteness to school supplies you already have, may I recommend these highly affordable and *very* cute stickers?