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    Amazon Are Having A Massive Tech Sale And Gaming This Week With Huge Discounts – Here's The Best Deals To Snap Up

    Including Phillips headphones for 29% off!

    Amazon are having a Gaming Week sale with loads of huge discounts on gaming and tech products! Here are just some of the absolute steals you won't want to miss out on.

    1. Thinking of starting a podcast? This microphone kit is 34% off right now!

    2. These high-res Phillips headphones offer sound isolation, memory foam ear pads, and a 29% discount.

    3. You can also make a 29% discount on this gaming laptop!

    4. There's a whopping 55% off this wireless gaming mouse!

    5. IMO it's always handy to have a USB stick, and this 64GB SanDisk one is down by 44%.

    6. If you have a Mac, invest in this portable password-protected hard drive that's 17% off.

    7. This limited edition version of Far Cry 6 for Xbox One has a 40% discount.

    8. More of a Fortnite fan? This Minty Legends pack for Nintendo Switch is 40% off.

    9. Once you build this 29%-off Bulbasaur figure, you can pop it on your desk as a cute piece of decor!

    10. This gaming keyboard was already a bargain, but even moreso now that it's down by 43%.

    11. This gaming chair boasts a high rating *and* a 19% discount.

    12. Make a 24% saving on this sleek Nintendo Switch carry case.

    Check out more discounts over at Amazon!