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36 Pictures Of Holiday Pups That Are Too Pawfect

Deck the halls with paws.

Any dog lover knows that the most wonderful time of the year is even better when they can spend it with their pup.

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Sure, they're always coming up short on the gifts that aren't drenched in drool, but they make up for it in how well they get into the spirit of everything.

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In case you needed another reason to love the holidays, these 36 dogs on Instagram will turn it up a notch.

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1. You deserve all of the gifts.

2. Look out, Santa.

3. It's the reindeer ears for me.

4. Are all of those presents for me?

5. This smile screams "pawlidays."

6. Getting lit for the holidays.

7. Holidays wasted.

8. That sweater should feel honored.

9. Every holiday gentleman needs a bow tie.

10. No coal to be given here.

11. Did someone say egg nog?

12. Dressed to impress.

13. Came for the lights. Stayed for attention.

14. Where's Santa?

15. Holiday card material.

16. Does this blanket make my Christmas list look small?

17. Here for the howl-idays.

18. The more the merrier.

19. Got the holiday photos pose down.

20. So, how many gifts are we talking?

21. Give me all the pup cups.

22. Cheers!

23. More tape. More face wrinkles.

24. Good pup = good gifts.

25. Will pose for treats.

26. Deck the halls with treats.

27. The cookies were missing when I got here.

28. Someone get Santa a watch, please.

29. There's no hiding the excitement.

30. Sleigh all day.

31. Waiting for a snow day.

32. Reindeer ears revenge loading.

33. Holiday gear from head to toe.

34. Couldn't make a sweater ugly if I tried.

35. Sleeping in until the new year.

36. Where's the mistletoe?