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    11 Southeast Asian Desserts You Have To Try This Summer

    We're definitely nuts for coconuts!

    1. Es Teler

    2. Sago't Gulaman

    3. Chè Bắp

    4. Leng Chee Kang

    5. Itim Kati

    6. Pudim de Coco

    Riverbank & Badger / Via

    East Timor was once a colony of Portugal, and so much of its cuisine was influenced by the country. Pudim de coco is a custard-based dessert that is popular among Portugese colonies including Brazil. It is made with the same ingredients that go into making flan, but with the addition of coconut milk.

    Where: People usually go to Timor Leste for its beaches and beautiful nature. The country's capital, Dili, is the largest city and has numerous restaurants that serve the treat.

    7. Kyauk Kaw

    Kyauk kaw is Burmese seaweed jelly made out of agar-agar. It is simple, smooth in texture, and is said to be cooling after a long day walking in cities like Bagan. It uses coconut milk, rose flavoring, and sugar for its sweet, refreshing taste.

    Where: In Yangon, you can find snack and dessert stalls selling seaweed jelly at Bogyoke Aung San Market.

    8. Khao Lod Chong

    9. Singaporean Ice Cream Sandwich

    10. Rujak Brunei

    SBS Australia / Via

    Rujak Brunei is a spiced fruit salad that includes a variety of fruits. Everything from papaya, mango, and star apple to lychee, pomelo and grapefruit. The spicy sauce poured over the fruit is made of roasted peanuts, red chili, brown sugar, tamarind paste, water, and green banana.

    Where: This zesty and spicy dessert is sold at street markets in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei.

    11. Num Chet Chien