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What Is Your Favorite Japanese Anime That Changed Your Life?


While living abroad, after telling someone I grew up in Japan, I got a lot of questions. The most frequent was "Do you watch Anime?"

An anime clip of someone overlooking a city while flashing lights shoot from above

And my answer was...Yes! I grew up on Sailor Moon because 4-year-old me was OBSESSED with Raye Hino, aka Sailor Mars!! Kawaii ~

Hamtaro was another favorite anime. Just look at his eyes...I have to say it again, Kawaii ~

I remember, as a child, I had an imaginary friend called "Cookie."  Looking back now, I guess I was inspired by this anime because she was, yes, a hamster!!!

When I ask other people the same question, everybody has their own unique and interesting answers!

I met one girl who loved Studio Ghibli because she was "fascinated by all the food in Ghibli movies."

A screenshot of all the food in a scene from "Spirited Away"

Personally, I never thought about it but...maybe she has a point! It does look so good! Now she is working at a Japanese restaurant to become a chef.

A close-up of a bowl of ramen in a Studio Ghibli movie

We want to hear your answers too! Use the comments below to tell us your favorite Japanese anime that changed your life!!! Don’t forget to include the reason too!

The best submissions will be translated and featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Japan post!