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You Know You're Black If You Heard These 12 Things Growing Up

If your mom used one of these lines you... you just might possibly be black

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1. "Be home before the street lights come on"


Admit it, you always stayed out till the last minute then ran home to beat the streetlights.

2. "Stop crying before I give you something to cry about"


Your parents hurt your feelings and then proceeded to spare their feelings by not seeing their child cry.

3. "I don't need to explain myself, I'm grown!"


Why would you even ask her to explain herself *face palm*

4. "Don't make me go upside yo head"


You pushed her too far. Tbh, you probably deserve to be slapped.

5. "You got McDonald's money?"


We all secretly wanted to say "No, but you do", but no one would have lived to tell the story.

6. "Wash all them dishes"


What you wanted to say: "What dishes? There is one spoon in the sink Ma."

What you really said: Nothing. You just did it. You didn't want to be accused of talking back.

7. "Don't get grown with me"


You know you pushed her too far, and you can only hope that you're grown enough to face the consequences.

8. "Do I look like BooBoo the Fool"


Unanswered questions: WHO IS BOOBOO AND WHY IS HE A FOOL?!

9. "I'm not one of your little friends"


You must've picked up something one of your school friends said and thought it was cool. Sadly, mom didn't agree.

10. "Fix your face before I fix it for you'


Your mom made you mad and you can't show it or else...

11. "You smell like outside/wind"


The older I get, the more I realize that the outside does have a smell.

12. BONUS DAD SAYING- "Ask your Mom"


Why can he never answer my questions? Is it really THAT hard?

Comment below any sayings your mom or dad used frequently.

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