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    17 Tweets From People Worried About Having To Pay For A Thanksgiving Plate

    Apparently, someone's aunt is making them pay $30 a plate for Thanksgiving and Twitter completely lost it.


    $30 for a Thanksgiving plate? Is it free before 11?

    Via Twitter: @JMYChi


    You gotta get a stamp on your hand at your Auntie crib on Thanksgiving so you can go smoke & come back in without paying again, 2017 is WILD

    Via Twitter: @Scott_CEOofSUH


    Y’all paying $30 for Thanksgiving? What about the relatives that live with your grandmother with no job? They pay too?

    Via Twitter: @BeardedddKinggg


    When you pull to ya girls family for thanksgiving dinner and they charging $30 at the door

    Via Twitter: @TheJ_Miles


    If ur charging $30 to attend a thanksgiving gathering..I'm reporting you to the health department for not having a permit to sell food

    Via Twitter: @RopeUhDOPE


    So if a man pays $30 for a Thanksgiving plate, who fixes it?

    Via Twitter: @FeministaJones


    Me sneaking into Granny's room to steal the $30 out her purse to pay her for my Thanksgiving meal

    Via Twitter: @ToeKnee2GX


    When ya Auntie got the house smelling lovely with Thanksgiving dinner but you worried your card gonna get declined

    Via Twitter: @HumbleTeej


    When you ain’t got no money for a plate for thanksgiving so you gotta eat a bologna sandwich

    Via Twitter: @CalledMe_Buskey


    Quick question, if one of you ladies brings a plate from your auntie's Thanksgiving to your boyfriend's mom does he owe you $30?

    Via Twitter: @SoloChills


    $30 at the door for Thanksgiving? Auntie must have sections and bottle service.

    Via Twitter: @TrillestAC


    If I️ pay $30 for a thanksgiving plate and the macaroni soggy, the peas all mushed, and the turkey tastes like wood imma take your TV.

    Via Twitter: @TheCosby


    If im paying $30 for Thanksgiving I need Valet parking and my own section roped off at the couch.

    Via Twitter: @HeyyDaddyy


    Me, at Thanksgiving, with a full plate I didn’t pay $30 for :

    Via Twitter: @JeSuisKam


    when you invite him over to thanksgiving and he think u being sweet but u just want him to cover your $30 entrance…

    Via Twitter: @LRNROSE


    Yeah if my aunt ever tries to make me pay $30 for a thanksgiving plate I’m calling the police

    Via Twitter: @BasedChasen


    "Can u put in $30 for Thanksgiving? Me: No "Will u host then?" Me: No "Help cook?" Me: No "Bring a dish?" Me: No "S…

    Via Twitter: @alysSAWRAH