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17 Tweets From People Worried About Having To Pay For A Thanksgiving Plate

Apparently, someone's aunt is making them pay $30 a plate for Thanksgiving and Twitter completely lost it.

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$30 for a Thanksgiving plate? Is it free before 11?


You gotta get a stamp on your hand at your Auntie crib on Thanksgiving so you can go smoke & come back in without paying again, 2017 is WILD


Y’all paying $30 for Thanksgiving? What about the relatives that live with your grandmother with no job? They pay too?


When you pull to ya girls family for thanksgiving dinner and they charging $30 at the door


If ur charging $30 to attend a thanksgiving gathering..I'm reporting you to the health department for not having a permit to sell food


So if a man pays $30 for a Thanksgiving plate, who fixes it?


Me sneaking into Granny's room to steal the $30 out her purse to pay her for my Thanksgiving meal


When ya Auntie got the house smelling lovely with Thanksgiving dinner but you worried your card gonna get declined


When you ain’t got no money for a plate for thanksgiving so you gotta eat a bologna sandwich


Quick question, if one of you ladies brings a plate from your auntie's Thanksgiving to your boyfriend's mom does he owe you $30?


$30 at the door for Thanksgiving? Auntie must have sections and bottle service.


If I️ pay $30 for a thanksgiving plate and the macaroni soggy, the peas all mushed, and the turkey tastes like wood imma take your TV.


If im paying $30 for Thanksgiving I need Valet parking and my own section roped off at the couch.


Me, at Thanksgiving, with a full plate I didn’t pay $30 for :


when you invite him over to thanksgiving and he think u being sweet but u just want him to cover your $30 entrance…


Yeah if my aunt ever tries to make me pay $30 for a thanksgiving plate I’m calling the police


"Can u put in $30 for Thanksgiving? Me: No "Will u host then?" Me: No "Help cook?" Me: No "Bring a dish?" Me: No "S…

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