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    14 Foods Uptown New Yorkers Can't Resist After Hitting The Bar

    From dollar pizzas to foods you may never have even heard of, uptown New Yorkers know how to fight off those drunken munchies.

    1. Dollar Pizza

    2. Halal food.

    3. Gyro

    4. Tacos.

    The assortment of delicacies at the "chicken spot"

    5. Fried chicken.

    6. Beef patty.

    Then there's the bodega.

    7. Chopped cheese.

    8. Bacon, egg, and cheese.

    9. Frituras (fried treats).

    10. Empanadas

    11. Los tres golpes (the three hits).

    The after hours food spot you should know if you don't

    12. Cachapas

    13. Palitos de Queso

    14. Patacones

    15. Proceed with caution. These foods are so good that you'll hit home like...