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The Magical Wand

Why do men believe their penis is a mystical being?

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What is it about some men that make them feel that their “third leg”, is a mystical being that can remedy any problem. As a young woman in the new age of Trump, I am always stunned by some of my male counterparts. The other day in class, I was expressing my disdain for Casey Affleck’s Academy Award for Best Actor in Manchester by the Sea, due to a sexual harassment suit brought up against him. While sharing my views with my colleagues, I was suddenly interrupted by a fellow male student that professed that my anger was due to a lack of dick.

The class proceeds to laugh finding it funny that I am a bitter 19-year-old woman, in desperate need of sensual seduction

My rebuttal to his super inappropriate comment was, I do not need “some dick” especially from the likes of you. I was told by my professor that I disrupted the class with my “inappropriate conversation” and that I should not take on what people have to say. The young man who made this lewd comment, of course, got away with it while I was left livid. This blatant disrespect went unpunished by my professor. I understand that we are all adults and have the right to freedom of speech, but misogynistic comments are unfortunately still pervasive within our culture, and we have much-needed work ahead to create a safe place for women in the United States and around the World.

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