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5 Reasons To Watch "Logan".

*Contains Spoilers*

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1. For comic book fans, “Old Man Logan” is the story line this film is loosely based on. This film shows a more jaded Wolverine, who is weakend by the adamantium in his body.

2. Professor X is senile and dangerous. Due to a neurodegenerative disease in his brain, he can't control his telepathic abilities causing devastating seizures and paralysis for those around him

3. Laura also known as X-23, is portrayed by a young actress Dafne Keen. Her relationship with Professor X and Logan is drastically different but in the end you feel a sense of love between each character. For comic fans, we are able to see the origin of her character.

4. The villains in this film correlate with the events of X-Men Days of Future Past. Though this film takes place in 2029, the events of Days of Future Past play an important role in this film.

5. "Logan" demonstrates what happens when you're done saving the world, and the affects it has on the hero’s and those around them.

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