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Tell Us The Most Fucked-Up Sh*t You've Been Told During A Breakup

"Don't be fucking rude!"

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Here's an understatement: breakups suck.


They're lousy, exhausting, and a temporary roadblock on the eternal quest to live your best life.


Breakups put people in a deeply fragile state where sometimes they say things they don't entirely mean.


But other times, people cross over from the "heat of the moment" into next-level fuckery.


0-100 real quick.

Maybe they hit your soft spot and said something shitty about you not being "marriage material."


Perhaps they told you after the fact that their post-grad life plans with you were a total fabrication and a by-product of their lacking morality.

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Or maybe they gave you their "earnest" advice to not get knocked up by a frat guy after you made the decision to move away for college.

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So tell us: what's the most fucked-up shit you've been told while being dumped? Submit your story in the DropBox below.

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The best submissions will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!

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