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20 Songs For Obama's (Un)Official Going Away Block Party!

Today marks the 4 month countdown *tear* to President Barack Obama's departure from the White House. It has been a beautiful and glorious 8 years and what better way to mark this historic moment?! A full out black family reunion-barbecue-block party-function! Who cares that it's the dead of winter and will probably be snowing, we will pack out from the White House to Meridian Hill Hall and Malcolm X Park all the way back to the NMAAHC! See you there... *Btw, if this does happen, I better be invited!

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1. My President is Black x Young Jeezy ft Nas

Democratic Underground / Via

The Anthem. The Movement. The Soundtrack to the most lit 8 years in the White House Ever! The title explains itself, and how hype would it be to see Obama roll up to the function in a blue Lambo with Biden riding' shotgun?! Thank you Young Jeezy for putting all of our feelings into this banger right here.

2. Started From the Bottom x Drake / Via

We literally started from the bottom and now we're here! You are the culmination of many efforts and prayers from our ancestors. No need for a history lesson because this is a celebration. But Barack and Drake share more than the jungle fever of your parents, y'all both started from the bottom and are at the height of your respective careers! And yes, we are your team. Your success is our success. Your stunt is our stunt. This journey started before 2008 and although your official time in office is ending, we ain't done yet!

3. Alright x Kendrick Lamar

Christopher Polk / Getty Images / Via

We go be alright. We just gotta repeat these lyrics over and over again. Not that Obama made all our worries go away, but we sure did feel better while he was in office. He'll be taking a little bit of that pride and joy with him when he leaves. But God got us, so we go be alright!

4. One Nation Under a Groove x Funkadelics / Via

Put this on the flyer as the title of the party! We will be One Nation Under a Groove partying to the Funkadelics while letting Obama relive his heydays. We're taking it all the way back with this one and inviting the aunties and uncles to the party! Now Obama didn't successfully unite these divided states, but for those of us with rhythm and melanin, he did a pretty decent job! *Starts soul train line now*

5. Juicy x Notorious BIG / Via

"You know very well who you are/ Don't let em hold you down, reach for the stars" goes the hook in Juicy. So despite it being essential to any playlist, the lyrics are fitting for the first Black President. And just like Biggie, I'm certain Obama has been told he'd never amount to much from haters, let alone President of these here United States. Well, look at that Biggie and Barack haters! We can get our two step on while showing the world what we're really about!

6. Can't Tell Me Nothing x Kanye West / Via

"Too whom much is given, much is tested" and to the Leader of the Free World, President Obama has surely had is fair share of tests. Kanye West is an artist that puts on for the city of Chicago that politically groomed our man of the hour. One of Kanye's more boisterous songs about having power, who better to not bounce to it than the Obamas! We all know all the words, and I bet Obama does too! #KanyeForPresident2020

7. Problems x Chance The Rapper / Via

Not only does Chance hail from Chicago, one of the places where the Obama's call home, but Barack is also a fan. Now there won't be any deadheads in the lobby, but I'm sure we can find a few in DC to have Barack's back say someone wants to start a problem. And can you imagine the whole crowd jumpin' on the South Lawn to this. *crosses finger that Chance the Rapper shows up*

8. IDFWU x Big Sean / Via

If anybody ever had a hater, it was President Barack Obama. The subject of this song could be oppression, racism, Trump, the whole GOP, the list could go on. But whatever it is, we collectively don't eff with it. *Fingers in the air to system*

9. If I Ruled The World x Nas ft. Lauryn Hill / Via

He does rule the world and his attempt to free all our sons has not gone unnoticed. For all the sentences he's commuted, we thank you. Thanks for undoing some of the damage. Thanks for trying, thanks for doing, thanks for inspiring. We are Kings and Queens and you've instilled that thought in a lot of little boys and girls' mind. He gave us a little bit of the paradise that Nas rapped about back to us.

10. Key to the Streets x YFN Lucci ft. Migos / Via

President Obama is good in every hood B. Goodt! He got the keys to the streets, the city, the country, everything! He's inspired black nerds, trappers, and everything in between alike. And what would a playlist in 2016 be without Migos. You're welcome!

11. Down For My N's x C-Murder ft. Snoop Dogg & Magic / Via

He did a lot for us. We may not see it all, but he did. He fought to get here and he fought the entire time he was in office. The fight is not over. But let's be clear, he was and is down for us.

12. Back That Azz Up - Juvenile / Via

"Barack Obama takin' over for 99' and the 2000s!" This one just couldn't be left off. It's necessary. It's important. It's legendary. Obama is important to the culture and so is this song. While we celebrate the Obama legacy, we must not forget Juvie. And we must rejoice and twerk in harmony to this one!

13. Big Rings & Jumpan x Drake & Future / Via

What A Time To Be Alive? I've watched him win, then helped him win, then stood out in the cold to watch him accept his second win. Now we have to watch him go out. A hell of a time to be alive! Plus, he brought basketball to the White House and for that, Jumpman and Big Rings have to be in rotation! Can we get a pick up game at the block party too?

14. Swagger Like Us - TI ft. Jay-Z, Kanye, & Lil Wayne / Via

There has never been a President with swagger like yours. And black, white, brown, yellow, purple, silver, there may never be one that comes close (except #KanyeForPresident2020). 1600 Pennsylvania Ave will never be the same. You lit! We lit! This function is going to be LIT!

15. She's A Bad Mama Jama x Carl Carlton / Via

This one's for you Mo! You held your man down and looked amazing doing it. You didn't just sit around being a gorgeous First Lady, you've made an impact too. And for that, this is not just a going away celebration for Barack Obama, it's for you and the girls, too!

16. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough x Michael Jackson / Via

I could've put any MJ song on this list and all would be right with the world, but since I had to choose one, it's this gem. We didn't get enough yet, so does this mean he can't stop? What do we have to do to keep him? #QTNA #PresidentForLife

17. Encore x Jay-Z / Via

The Rac's in here for 4 more years? 4 more years, 4 more years! We're just gonna chant this the rest of the function because we need you to stay badly. Like Jay came out of retirement, you go hit us with the okie doke too right?! Encore! Encore! Encore!

18. When Doves Cry x Prince / Via

We cried when Prince left us. We cried when MJ left us. Whitney, Luther, this list goes on. There will be a different type of cry when you leave office, but tears nonetheless. And although this song is about doves crying (not really!), Prince's melodies and instruments will keep us on our feet. Too many feels through this one...

19. Ain't No Stoppin Us Now x McFadden and Whitehead / Via

Because of him, we have seen the mountain top. All it takes is one person to show us the opportunities that are actually possible to us. And once our eyes are opened to that, as the lyrics go, ain't no stoppin' us now! Not to mention it was played when President Obama accepted his democratic nomination. Why not end his reign with it as well?

20. Before I Let Go x Maze ft. Frankie Beverly / Via

You cannot come to one of our functions and not electric slide a few times to this. Don't know how to electric slide? Well, then you probably shouldn't show up. Maze and Frankie Beverly will forever live on with this song, just like Obama's legacy. And how befitting are the lyrics to the song. We can't let you go Mr. President!

21. Bonus: Lift Every Voice & Sing x James and John Johnson / Via

Now this may be a little unconventional for a block party, but it don't matter! It's OUR anthem and we deserve to sing it every chance that we get. They don't want us to raise our fists. They don't want us to kneel in silent protest. They don't want us to have our own anthem. But we do! And we will shout this from the highest of mountains until victory is won!

Comment what song you would add to the "One Nation Under a Groove, Obama Going Away Block Party" Playlist!

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