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23 Struggles Only Book Nerds Will Understand

The struggle is very, very real.

1. Deciding which book to read next.

2. Being excited to see the movie adaptation only to find out that they got everything wrong.

3. People saying the movie was better than the book.

4. Waiting forever for a sequel to come out.

5. Running out of space for your books.

6. Being interrupted while reading.

7. Lending a book to a friend only to get it back damaged.

8. Or worse, never getting it back at all.

9. Being asked what your favorite book is as if you could pick just one.

10. People saying you read too much.

11. Finding out that someone you like "doesn't read."

12. Losing your place when your bookmark falls out.

13. Deciding which book to bring on vacation.

14. Buying too many books on vacation and not having enough room to bring them all back.

15. Moving.

16. Forgetting to eat or sleep because you're too busy reading.

17. Making a literary reference that no one else seems to get.

18. Running out of money from buying so many books (and still needing to buy more).

19. People spoiling the ending of a book you're reading.

20. Or the ending of the series because they're inconsiderate monsters.

21. Dealing with the death of your favorite character.

22. Being judged for crying in public at a book.

23. Finishing a book and realizing you live in the real world and not the book's world.

But it'll all be OK because that's what re-reading's for!

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