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13 Of The Most Adorable Pets Owned By Famous Writers

Meet Stephen King's corgi, "the Thing of Evil."

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1. J.K. Rowling's endearing West Highland terrier named Bronte:

Every 5 minutes. #amtryingtowrite #LethalWhite

2. Stephen King's darling corgi Molly, whom he nicknamed "the Thing of Evil":

I am Molly, the Thing of Evil. You will not see me coming.

3. George R.R. Martin's tiny, twee pet turtle:

My baby tortoise on a tiny turtle island. #adorable

4. R. L. Stine's very cute Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Minnie:

@LisaScottoline Minnie is 10-1/2 but she's hanging in.

5. Neil Gaiman's lovely cats, Joey and Coconut:

Joey in the foreground, Coconut (named by Maddy age 6) in the doorway. RT @kylecassidy: @neilhimself or Joey!

6. Amy Tan's charming rescue pooch Tux:

After getting his teeth and gums thoroughly cleaned, our rescue dog Tux grins to show off his pearly whites.

7. John Green's precious West Highland terrier, Willy (whose full name is Fireball Wilson Roberts Green):

New video: Ode to a Dog.

8. Joyce Carol Oates's lovable kitty Cherie:

Cherie's memoir "My Struggle: A Cat's Life" was rejected by first 17 publishers; but then, unfortunately, rejected by next 17 publishers.

9. Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman's sweet Labradoodle Agnes:

Not really a family Thanksgiving without Agnes.

10. Rainbow Rowell's angel of a cat:

11. Maureen Johnson's very talented rescue dog Zelda:

12. Gary Shteyngart's adorable dachshund Felix:

13. Cheryl Strayed's very smol puppy Zazu:

Meet Zazu, the puppy we got for Christmas! We all love her like crazy already. #neveradullmoment