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    16 Of The Most Exciting Books Of 2015 From Independent Publishers

    More power to small presses.

    1. The Musical Brain by César Aira (New Directions)

    2. Coyote by Colin Winnette (Les Figues Press)

    3. The Infernal by Mark Doten (Graywolf Press)

    4. Binary Star by Sarah Gerard (Two Dollar Radio)

    5. The Uses of the Body by Deborah Landau (Copper Canyon Press)

    6. Almost Crimson by Dasha Kelly (Curbside Splendor Publishing)

    7. My Documents by Alejandro Zambra (McSweeney's)

    8. Bipolar Cowboy by Noah Cicero (Lazy Fascist Press)

    9. The Only Ones by Carola Dibbell (Two Dollar Radio)

    10. I Refuse by Per Petterson (Graywolf Press)

    11. The Dig by Cynan Jones (Coffee House Press)

    12. Surrounded by Friends by Matthew Rohrer (Wave Books)

    13. Mort(e) by Robert Repino (Soho Press)

    14. Alone and Not Alone by Ron Padgett (Coffee House Press)

    15. The Strange Case of Rachel K by Rachel Kushner (New Directions)

    16. The Zoo, a Going by J.A. Tyler (Dzanc Books)