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McSweeney's Announces It Will Become A Nonprofit

"Every year it gets just a little harder to be an independent publisher," says founder Dave Eggers.

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San Francisco-based independent publisher McSweeney's announced today that it will begin operating as a nonprofit.

Hello Readers,We have very good news. Starting today, McSweeney's Publishing will begin operating as a nonprofit.For the last fifteen years, McSweeney's has dedicated itself to publishing outstanding new writing in a wild variety of forms, and we'll continue to do just that. The Quarterly Concern will still feature the groundbreaking short stories and eye-gratifying design that have won it two National Magazine Awards; the Believer will still publish great essays and interviews and special issues. Our books, we hope, will remain worthy of cherished placement on your shelves.

Founded in 1998 by Dave Eggers, McSweeney's publishes books, Timothy McSweeney's Quarterly Concern (a quarterly literary magazine), and the Believer (a monthly magazine).


McSweeney's hopes the change will allow for the exploration of projects that wouldn't necessarily be profitable.

So why change now? We believe that becoming a nonprofit will allow McSweeney's to sustain itself for many years to come, with the help of an expanded community of donors, writers, and readers. We want to continue to pursue a wide range of ambitious projects—projects that take risks, that support ideas beyond the mainstream marketplace, and that nurture emerging work. A nonprofit structure, with a board and members supporting our efforts alongside our staff and writers, will allow us to put new resources behind all our undertakings, and explore a number of exciting projects that, until now, were out of reach.
Samir Husni

Read the full announcement here.

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