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Here Are 9 Ridiculous Poems "By" Donald Trump

Excerpted from Bard of the Deal, a book of poetry compiled from Donald Trump's interviews, speeches, and tweets.

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Humorist and reporter Hart Seely has turned Donald Trump's interviews, speeches, and tweets into a hilarious poetry book called Bard of the Deal.

Hart Seely, an award-winning reporter and a popular humorist, spent twenty hours a day for ten weeks poring through speeches, talks, and media appearances to compile the very best of Trump's wisdom. The selections are all taken directly from Trump's mouth, without changing a single word, and include his rhythmic reflections on women, business, 'amigos' and other foreigners, and of course, America.

Again, all of the poems in Bard of the Deal are things Trump has 100% actually said:


Excerpted from Bard of the Deal by Hart Seely. Copyright © 2015 by Hart Seely. A Harper book, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.