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The Day Of The Dead In 17 Artistic Images

The Day Of The Dead is not only a fun holiday, it also inspires imaginative art and installations. Enjoy the colorful world of sugar skulls with the delicious Jarritos.

1. Mexican Sugar Skull Painting by Renee Keith

Renee Keith / Getty Images

2. Mixed media oil painting by Renee Keith

Renee Keith / Getty Images

3. Sand tapestries (Tapetes de Areña) of skulls and skeletons

John & Lisa Merrill / Getty Images

4. These 'carpets' are made from sand, dyed sawdust, seeds, flower petals and powdered lime.

John & Lisa Merrill / Getty Images

5. Skull and tribal portrait made of beans, seeds and marigolds

John & Lisa Merrill / Getty Images

6. Ladies of the Day of the Dead

Mexican School / Getty Images

7. Mural in Harlingen, Texas

Witold Skrypczak / Getty Images

8. A skeleton sculpture

Luis Sandoval Mandujano / Getty Images

9. Painted skull and design made of beans

Danita Delimont / Getty Images

10. An intricate ceramic skull

Ute Hagen Photography / Getty Images

11. Street art outside of the Blue Zone Tattoo Shop

Kayla Johnson / Via Flickr: kaylajohnsonphotography

12. A shopfront window with beautiful ceramic figurines

Robert Couse-Baker / Via Flickr: 29233640@N07

The photographer Robert Couse-Baker states, "Las calacas are figures of skulls or skeletons commonly used for decoration during the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. This is a shopfront window of Zanzibar Tribal Arts, a fair trade store located in Midtown Sacramento."

13. Cholo and chola sugar skulls

Angelica Renee H. / Via Flickr: angelicarenee337

14. Paper mache skulls for sale on Vence Beach

Shutterstock/Jose Gil

15. Beautiful sugar skull face paint

Renee Keith / Getty Images

16. A fun illustration of two skeletons having a good time dancing

Deborah Harrison / Getty Images

17. A rockabilly sugar skull

You can buy this vase on Etsy here.

Inspired by the colorful world of Jarritos.

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