13 Awesome Pieces Of Graffiti Art From Around The World

Make no mistake: the world is a canvas. Paint your tastebuds with the vibrant colors and delicious taste of Jarritos.

1. Paris, France

2. Los Angeles, California

3. Queens, New York

Nigel Morris / Via Flickr: 34639903@N03

4. Bogota, Colombia

Pedro Szekely / Via Flickr: pedrosz

5. Andalusia, Spain

Gabirulo / Via Flickr: gabirulo

6. San Francisco, California

Nancy McClure / Via Flickr: aperte

7. Perth, Australia

erokism / Via Flickr: 10295270@N05

8. Birmingham, England

Brian Clift / Via Flickr: brianac37

9. Mexico City, Mexico

Geraint Rowland / Via Flickr: 33909206@N04

10. Tokyo, Japan

enaciousme / Via Flickr: tenaciousme

11. Lisbon, Portugal

Pedro Ribeiro Simões / Via Flickr: pedrosimoes7

12. Manchester, England

erokism / Via Flickr: 10295270@N05

13. Albuquerque, New Mexico

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