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This Is What The Twins Who Played The Baby In "Three Men And A Baby" Look Like Now

And yes, one of them peed on Tom Selleck.

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When they were only four months old, identical twins Lisa Blair and Michelle Blair-Ontonovich became 1987's most famous infants when they were cast as Baby Mary in Three Men and a Baby.

Now, 27 years later, they've returned to the spotlight as part of Today's Big Screen Babies series, a week of reunion specials that will make viewers feel old. Reeeeeeally freaking old.

In addition to sharing silly stories from the set (Lisa actually peed on Tom Selleck while shooting the film's iconic poster: "That wasn't water; that wasn't staged"), the girls' mother, Geriann Blair, revealed that their casting was a total fluke. "I was just bored at home on [maternity] leave, and I heard about this casting call," she said. "I thought it was just a scene in a movie."

Michelle and Lisa both left Hollywood behind as they got older (Michelle now works in the insurance industry and Lisa does customer service), but have stayed incredibly close; they even live in the same town.

However, Robin Weisman, who played five-year-old Mary in the sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady, remains at large.