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    "Scandal" Star Bellamy Young Is An Amazing Singer

    Who knew?

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    Before she became First Lady Mellie Grant, Bellamy Young got her start on the stage, and co-starred in the 1997 Tony-winning production of The Life.

    Young played Mary, a small-town girl with big-city dreams who ends up working as a go-go dancer. And her show-stopping number, "Easy Money" (above), is really, really something you need to watch.

    We know Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes didn't exactly have success with a musical episode on her other series, Grey's Anatomy, but it's hard not to wish for an all singing-and-dancing hour of Scandal after seeing Young's performance.

    Plus, there's the equally gifted Katie Lowes (aka Quinn Perkins)!

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    And Kerry Washington!

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    And, of course, Columbus Short (Harrison) could show off his incredible dance moves.

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