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    5 "Star Trek Lower Decks" Easter Eggs That Even Die-Hard Fans May Have Missed

    Ahead of the premiere of Season 2, a look back at the most obscure in-universe references of the first season.

    Mariner, Boimler, and the crew of the USS Cerritos

    Star Trek Lower Decks is the long-running sci-fi franchise’s second animated series and first-ever situation comedy. The popular CBS All Access offering draws heavily on Star Trek’s 55 years of prior history to set up jokes and support sight gags. With the second season kicking off on August 12th, here are the five most obscure Easter eggs from the first season that even die-hard Trekkies might have missed.

    5. Landru

    woman with hands on hips

    4. Exocomps

    animated animal and robot face off on a ship

    3. Vulcan Shuttle

    a shuttle flies through space

    2. Vasquez Rocks

    animated land of vasquez rocks

    1. Star Trek Space Fun Helmet

    3 animated star trek characters on a ship

    Are there any other Easter eggs you noticed on Star Trek: Lower Decks that others should know about? Drop them in the comments below!