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How You Know You're Friends With Michelle Ayala

It's Mitch's 20th birthday which calls for recognition, celebration, and embarrassment. If you been #blest enough to become friends with her, don't forget to wish her a happy birthday. If you don't know if you have ever seen or interacted with this woman, here are some ways you might know.

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2. You'll find yourself featured on her 20 minute long snap stories without her even telling you.

She will never fail to film you at your funniest moments but yes, also at your worst and most cringe-worthy moments. (you know what I'm talking about mitch -.-)

4. She has spit food in your face whilst speaking

You guys are eating nachos together. You think she just swallowed a chip but nope she will regurgitate it directly onto your face. Every. Time. I almost think it might be a skill.

9. She has asked you to study together at the library but it was all part of her diabolical plan for her to make sure you don’t study.

You'll just laugh at inside jokes but then wallow in self pity at both of you guys' unproductiveness.

14. You have heard her express some sort of plan to invade the personal boundaries of the Obamas.

And you were probably were worried about the safety of Barack and Michelle if you heard they were in Hawaii at the same time Michelle was. Yikes.

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