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The 5 Types Of People Who Drink Kombucha

Disclaimer: This is all for fun. The writer doesn’t have any intention of offending anyone.

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1. The Health Nuts


Let’s face it, your average Joe will not touch kombucha if they don’t know it’s healthy. It is expensive to buy from the stores and when you make it on your own, the SCOBY looks gross and scary. If you’re drinking it because of its health benefits, you are considered a health nut. It doesn’t even matter if you still eat Twinkies. Drinking kombucha for health is the sign that you’re on your path to becoming a health nut. Not that there’s something wrong with that.

2. 2.The vegans/vegetarian

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I know most people would consider Vegans and Vegetarians to be Health Nuts. But for me, they are on the upper level of the spectrum. You need to have bigger balls than your average health nut to become a vegetarian, because steak, bacon and cheese are really difficult to say no to. Kathryn Budig’s carrot bacon will not convince me. (Sorry, girl, I love you. But if it’s not pork, it’s not bacon.)

3. The Yogis

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No offense meant to yogis. I practice Yoga myself. But most yoga people I know and stalk on Facebook and Instagram will eat and drink the weirdest stuff. I think it’s because they practice meditation. So when they eat and drink weird stuff such as Kombucha, even if they don’t like it, they can easily change the way they think about it. Its mind over matter you know. Love and light (and #kombuchaofcourse).

4. The Hipsters

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According to Wikipedia, hipsters are composed of youth who buy vintage and thrift-store clothing and organic and artisanal food. So it’s not really surprising if the hipster you know is drinking or making Kombucha. Kombucha is believed to have been around to centuries so it is vintage. And it is organic and artisanal and can be usually found in farmer’s market.

5. The Millenials

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Millennials are the people who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. They are currently the young adults in the society and a target of many marketers. According to Mintel’s 2016 Foodservice Trends, Kombucha has gone mainstream because of the Millennials. Kombucha’s popularity is now reaching beyond the demographics of health nuts and hipsters but also the millennials. It is now mainstream and that is why you can now see it in supermarkets.

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