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Four Middle Childhood Problems

There has been many topics discussed in Middle Childhood Development, many of which all have an impact on children in either a negative or positive way. I am going to present four problems that children in Middle Childhood face.

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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry is something that affects all children in middle childhood. Conflict is something that is normal however, there are many different reasons for children to act mean towards one another. One of the reasons are the differences in temperments within each child. Different temperments in siblings can affect fights that children have.

Same sex Couples

In today's society it is increasingly becoming more normal for students to have two mommies or two daddies. As children enter school age issues may begin to arise. In the school setting children with same sex parents may get teased for having either both mothers or fathers. This may self consciousness within the child for having a family that is not the typical family. However, studies show that children from same sex couples do better or just as well as children from heterosexual couples.

Children with Autism

Children with Autism have a harder time with social interactions, language imparement, and repetitive behaviors. Because of this children are at a greater risk for peer rejection. Being able to create more awareness within classroom settings will better help teachers and students to communicate and engage with these students better.

Standardized Testing

Another topic that has been discussed in class is the debate on standardized testing. There are many pros to having children take standarized test to be able to gather information and compare data locally, or nationally. However, there are also cons to standardize testing such as children in low economic communities tend to do lower on these test because of being behind in learning due to money and resources within the family and community. Another issue that arises is the stress it can cause children, many children feel overwhelmed to have to perform highly on these test, and if results did not meet the standard or higher, this can cause low self esteem in children, anxiety, and depression.

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