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Which Weenie Are You?

Are you more Judy, Jan or Al? Take this lit quiz to find out!!!

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  1. It's morning! What's for breakfast?

    Nothing, unless it's a savory breakfast burrito.
    Pancakes or French toast obviously.
  2. What's your stance on men?

    Boys are stupid.
    I'm only interested in famous DILFS.
    I prefer to be in a serious relationship.
  3. You're flipping through the channels on a random afternoon. Which are you most likely to stop on?

    Sitcoms or whatever award show is on
    Food Network or some type of medical drama
    Whatever the other person decides to put on
  4. If you're feeling down, what do you do?

    Turn off all the lights and listen to music.
    Rewatch your favorite Netflix show or movie.
    Cuddle an old stuffed animal.
  5. What do you do when you've had a little too much to drink?

    Take a bunch of selfies and tell people I love them.
    Cry and text people I shouldn't.
    Getting emotional and passing tf out.
  6. Biggest celebrity crush?

    Some band member or musician.
    My favorite actor over 40.
    The cute celebrity that comes up on my Instagram feed.
  7. Salty or sweet snacks?

    Doesn't matter as long as I'm snacking.
  8. What's your go-to outfit?

    Whatever I'm wearing to the gym.
    Something my mom picked out for me.
    Comfy but trying to be trendy.
  9. What time do you go to sleep?

    I have insomnia.
    9 pm sharp.
    11 pm, sometimes 4 am
  10. Who cooks for you and your friends?

    Me, always.
    I try to supervise.
    I'm afraid of the oven.

Which Weenie Are You?

You got: Janey

You got Janey! You're usually full of energy, but only after that afternoon nap. You become obsessed with everything, especially music or recently TV shows. You're not the most helpful in the friend group when it comes to cooking or organizing something, but you're always a good time. Oh, and boys are stupid.

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You got: Alex

You got Alex! You like to stick to a more simple meal. When you're not at the gym, you're probably rewatching an episode of Friends. This is especially late at night when you should be sleeping but can't. To you it's all about the DILFs. And you always make time for a funny movie.

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You got: Judy

You got Judy! You're pretty much the mom of your friend group. Salty and savory foods are your favorite. When it's dinner time, your friends look at you and you know to grab the pan and get cooking. You like to be well rested, but sometimes stay up past 9 and have a good time with your friends.

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