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    BuzzFeed's Top Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

    If you are looking for the perfect gifts for everyone on your list for any occasion - birthday, anniversary, or just because - look no further! BuzzFeed's top gift ideas got you covered.

    Signature Collection Gift Set from Avänt Candle

    NYC-based Avänt Candle provides high-quality candles that offer luxurious room fragrances. Inspired by nature, the candle formulas reveal a complexity of deeply layered aromas and are crafted using the finest, true-to-scent ingredients. The Signature Collection Gift Set includes four 13.5-ounce candles in glass in fragrances that range from Chivalry and Chic to Savory and niche.

    8-Pieces Build A Box from Cocoa V Chocolat

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    Specializing in vegan sweets, Cocoa V Chocolat offers delicious artisanal, 100% dairy free, ethical vegan, and certified kosher products, including bon bons, bars, clusters, baked goods, and beverages. Make your own, custom 8-Piece Build A Box with delectable choices. Some of the favorites include Lavender Vanilla (two layers of organic french lavender caramel and fresh bourbon vanilla bean ganache) and Raspberry Ginger (raspberry ganache with crystallized baby ginger).

    Goldleaf Maps Glassware from UncommonGreen

    UncommonGreen's new Goldleaf Maps Glassware collection provides a twist on its original Maps Glassware collection that is now gilded in shimmering 22K gold. The glassware, which comes as a rock glass, features intricate city map of top places like New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. UncommonGreen specializes in transforming conventional drinking glasses into a brilliant experience by adorning them with unique designs such as maps of city streets, mountain topography, and island coastlines of top destinations around the U.S. and the world.

    Ceramic Egg Cooker from Pampered Chef

    Rethink the way you cook eggs with this Ceramic Egg Cooker from Pampered Chef, which produces cooking tools for a faster, no-fuss cooking experience. With the Ceramic Egg Cooker, you can easily make hot, healthy breakfasts in no time. The container can hold up to four eggs and is microwavable. Add your favorite toppings for a quick omelet, poach eggs, or make instant oatmeal that won't boil over. The lid’s vent hole lets steam escape as you cook, and includes a silicone gasket to keep the lid secure.

    Assortment Box of Sprouted Truffles from HNINA

    Founded in 2013, HNINA GOURMET is a plant-based chocolate, snacks and spreads company whose aim is to bridge the gap between health and gourmet with its selection of delicious organic raw chocolate, sprouted nut, and seed truffles. Create your box of sprouted truffles, which are made with Dominican Republic single-origin 95% cacao, unpasteurized sprouted nuts and seeds, unrefined raw honey, pure commercial grade maple syrup, and Bourbon vanilla beans.

    Healthy and Delicious Meal Delivery from Veestro

    Veestro delivers delicious meals made from plants, and fresh-frozen and delivered on your doorstep. You can create your meal plan from its list of savory entrees and sweets, such as Savory Croquettes, Red Curry with Tofu, Enchilada Casserole, and Raspberry Cheezcake. Veestro delivers to any physical address within the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

    Organic Cucumber Juice Collection from 100% Pure

    Formulated to provide intense and long-lasting hydration, the new Organic Cucumber Juice Collection utilizes plumping extracts and restorative antioxidants to deliver a splash of moisture to parched, dull skin. By infusing Glacial Water with Aloe, Cucumber Hydrosol, and moisture-binding plant extracts, this collection – including a Cleansing Foam, Emulsion Tonique, Renewal Serum, Hydrating Moisturizer and Replenishing Eye Cream – works to smooth and soften while also protecting against age-contributing environmental stressors to reveal a suppler complexion.

    Skin-Protectant Spray from PreHeels

    A revolutionary skin-protectant spray, PreHeels creates a durable barrier on skin to help prevent both blisters and irritation that arises from wearing new heels and shoes. With a breakthrough formula, this innovative clear, aerosolized spray brings together science and beauty to create the ultimate partner product for your shoes. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-approved, you can finally say goodbye to greasy balms and unsightly bandages with PreHeels. Available in two convenient sizes, it not only dries quickly, but is great for on-the-go.