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Best Eats From The 12th Annnual Vendy Awards

Known as the "Oscars of Street Food," the annual Vendy Awards celebrates the deliciousness of street food with a friendly competition to determine the best of the best. Find out who one this year's competition, as well as other honorable mentions!

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The Vendy Cup: Tacos el Rancho

The coveted Vendy Cup went to Tacos el Rancho, which specializes in home-style Oaxacan food with fresh produce, homemade salsa, and handmade tortillas. The plate included perfectly marinated chicken with cilantro, avocado slice, radish, cilantro, pineapple salsa, and a squeeze of lime on top of soft tortilla.

People's Choice: Cachapas on Wheels

Fan-favorite Cachapas on Wheels, a Venezuelan food truck, delighted attendees with three types of sandwiches using sweet plantains or fried corn cake instead of bread. These delectable Venezuelan treats were stuffed with delicious fillings like juicy pulled pork, chicken, or cheese with everything from Romaine lettuce to tomatoes with creamy white sauce or red hot sauce.

Rookie of the Year: Mr. Bing

If you have only had traditional French crepes, then Mr. Bing will change the way you think about this delectable dish. Jingbing, a delicacy from Northern China, is a traditional street crepe filled with savory ingredients like Peking duck, BBQ pork, scrambled eggs, and crunchy wontons. The thin, crispy crepe is made with green bean and rice flour coated with black sesame seeds, scallions, and hoisin sauce.

Best Market Vendor: Big Mozz

Mozzarella sticks are favorite snacks for kids and adults alike, and the ones from Big Mozz won't disappoint. These fried-to-order mozzarella sticks are made with stretchy mozzarella that exudes freshness. The exterior is perfectly crispy with cheese shavings for an extra touch of cheesiness.

Best Dessert Vendor: The Good Batch

Who can say no to ice cream sandwiches on a sunny Saturday afternoon? The Good Batch served a duo of ice cream sandwiches - the signature Goodwich made with sea salt-sprinkled oat chocolate chunk cookies, Blue Marble’s creamy vanilla ice cream, and a thick drizzle of dark chocolate fudge, and the Crispy, which highlighted house made caramel & rice crispy treat cookies.

Best Vegan Vendor: Mysttik Masaala

Regardless of whether you are vegan or not, the delicious platter of Indian food from Mysttik Masaala catered to a whole lot of people's taste buds. The plate included yellow chickpea and potato curry, red beans over rice, and creamy spinach curry.

People’s Choice Vegan Vendor: Monk’s Meat

This trio of vegan sliders from Monk's Meat packed so much flavors - from BBQ to Bulgogi to Jerk. Each slider is topped with unique toppings like cabbage slaw, pickled daikon, spring kimchi, and grilled pineapple chutney.

Personal Favorites: Bamboo Bites

The appropriately-named Bamboo Bites served sticky glutinous rice topped with either mango & sesame seeds or curried fried tofu with cilantro and peanuts on top of a bamboo leaf.

Personal Favorites: Tuson Sate

Tuson Sate , which serves Indonesian grilled skewers, featured grilled beef, chicken, and seitan skewers topped with peanut sauce, fried shallots, Indonesian style pickle, sweet soy sauce, and spicy pepper upon request.

Personal favorites: Matzahbrei

A modern twist to this classic Passover dish, Matzahbrei serves savory or sweet matzah brei made with scrambled eggs and matzah. There are three different varieties, which includes the Monica (mushrooms, spinach, gruyere & dijon mustard), Yannis (beets, roasted peppers, mint & tahini), and Xavier (avocado, four-cheese blend & peach-mango salsa).

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