10 Best Australian Animal Memes

Australia is hosting a “Best Jobs in the World” contest, and Jane Chiao wants in on the Chief Funster role. To celebrate Australia and its awesomeness, here’s a list of epic Australian animal memes.

1. Sexy Kangaroo

2. Photogenic Koala

3. Punny Emu

4. Bro Kangaroo

5. Surprised Koala

6. Fatherly Kangaroo

7. Sarcastic Emu

8. Evil Koala

9. Kool Kangaroo

10. Don’t Mess With Me Kangaroo

And here’s a bonus

Find out more about Australia’s “Best Jobs in the World” contest and like Jane’s page for Chief Funster to support her! She promises everyone stuffed koala bears if she gets the position.

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