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    Do You Know About Essay Writing?

    Writing Essay?

    Writing the perfect essay is like drawing the perfect circle. Meaning that no matter what you do you'll always end up with a zero? No, meaning it's impossible, but with the right tools, you can get pretty darn close. You also can buy essay writing service for you College/university/ Business Projects.

    I'm yes or no and today I'm going to share with you all the literary tools. I've picked up over my years of writing essays. You might want to grab a pencil and some popcorn because this is gonna be long alright. So, I want to begin by talking about.

    The title and the first sentence of your essay

    Before anything else like literally before anything else, you need to make sure your first sentence and your title are not generic. They need to be eye-catching and make the audience want to read more. Because, if you can make these parts good then you'll already have the reader on your side rooting for you before they've read a single other words of the essay.

    Just think if the title is the clickbait of your essay then your first sentence is like your essay reaching out at and of the reader and saying hi I'm what you're going to be dealing with for the next couple paragraphs. So, don't have a sissy handshake don't have a sissy si.

    So after you've established that your essay is in fact totally cool and worth reading then you have to worry about the other words in it.

    Expand your vernacular

    A.K.A grow your geek speak. A.K.A learn some new words and use them creatively. So, one easy way to stop sounding generic is to avoid starting your sentences with common words like “ I or however or although you” know. Try something different instead like for example okay “uh inches from the ground tommy's nose was about to communicate to his body that this was the day they'd get their lunch money stolen.

    Right like inches isn't even a complicated word but by starting the sentence with something different it gives that phrase and artistic flair. But here's the catch in your quest to sound artistic.

    You don't want to overuse these $100 words

    You know you don't want to use big words that you don't know how to use. Because, when you do that you end up sounding like someone who uses big words just to try and sound smart and that's trend pairen. You need to learn how to use everything in moderation all right the next thing I'm gonna go watch it is;

    A formulaic structure for how to write

    Your essay now this is like the training wheels of essay writing meaning. When you learn how to write like a big boy, you can discard it until then it's incredibly useful. So, let's go so the perfect formula for an academic essay. Don't worry we'll get to creative essay soon enough. The perfect formula for an academic essay is four to five paragraphs composed of one intro paragraph two to three body paragraphs and then one conclusion paragraph also known as the kink butene paragraph.

    This little piggy went home to write an essay. Now bear with me because this gets a little bit detail your intro paragraph should be used to introduce. Some kind of question you want your essay to answer and then your body paragraphs should be used to develop some line of reasoning to discover the answer to that question. And then your concluding paragraph should be used to summarize everything you've already said answer the question. And then either one open up a new question to the world or to tie a nice pretty little bow on the end of your essay that ties everything together.

    Now if you're in America you might be freaking out because I haven't mentioned the word thesis once don't fret thesis is just a fancy way to say this is the answer to my question.