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    Dec 19, 2014

    Tips For Defining Your New Relationship At The Holidays

    It's an awkward moment. You've been dating for two months, and now it's Christmas. What do you do? Buy each other gifts? Bring each other to parties? Kiss in the streets? Or just run?

    First of all, you have a decision to make.

    Do you want to COMMIT, RIDE IT, or DIE?

    If you choose COMMIT, then you'll need to:


    Have "the talk," bring your SO to your company holiday party, tell your parents about him/her, kiss under mistletoe, buy really pretty holiday outfits, make out at midnight on NYE, and make it work for at LEAST two more months to validate all that effort.

    If you choose RIDE IT, you get to:


    Make a lot of small talk, hang out casually, NOT MENTION your holiday party, tell your parents you have "nothing serious" going on, but still send a "Merry Christmas!" text, and possibly meet up late night on NYE.

    Or you can DIE:


    Just GTFO by the 24th. Good excuses are: your family stresses you out and you have to focus on that right now, your job is stressing you out and you have to focus on that right now, the holidays turn you into a monster, etc. etc.

    No matter what you choose...

    It's gonna be weird.