People Are Sharing Common Traits They Find Extremely Unattractive In Others, And Points Were Made

    If I see you littering, our date is automatically over.

    Recently, Reddit user Pnd1528 asked the internet, "What 'all too common' trait do you find extremely unattractive in the opposite (or same) sex?" Obviously, people had a ton of responses, ranging from hilarious to gross. Here are some of our favorites:

    1. "Pushing you to do something you don't want to do because 'everyone does it and it's fun.'"


    2. "Toxic positivity. I need to be able to feel bad for a moment when I am dealing with something crappy. It helps me get through it."


    3. "When they think that their taste in music makes them a superior person instead of just having different tastes."


    4. "The 'I'm an asshole and I don't care if people call me an asshole' attitude."


    5. "Anyone who takes any advice, disagreement, or constructive criticism as a personal attack."


    6. "The telepathy tax. Partners who hold it against their S.O. when they fail to anticipate and fulfill their unspoken needs and desires."


    7. "The whole, 'Let me push all your buttons, you’re wrong, I’m right, I do it because I think it’s funny to rile you up,' schtick."


    8. "People who do things for ‘clout’ and don’t actually care for being genuine until they need something from you."


    9. "Gaslighting on any level. So, I'm to blame for your behavior? I'm to blame because you couldn't possibly be wrong or held accountable for your decisions?"


    10. "Everyone says they want their partner to be super career ambitious. Screw that, I say put in your 40 hours, then chill. I want someone who knows how to relax."


    11. "Littering. You'd be surprised how many people don't give a fuck and throw shit out of their car window. It's disgusting."


    12. "Being oblivious to different economic circumstances."


    13. "General toxic and jealous behavior. No, I don't want to sleep with the barista because they asked my name for my order. I am polite and smile at others from time to time. This does not mean I want to shag every human being I interact with."


    14. "Being rude to waitstaff."


    15. "Feeling the need to post on social media constantly and pretending that they don’t care about it but obviously care A LOT."


    16. "Guys that find general housework to be demeaning and beneath them, so they expect women to do it for them... while they sit there doing absolutely nothing."


    17. "The inability to admit they are wrong or when they apologize and then justify their actions."


    18. "When they can’t take no for an answer. It can go from slightly annoying to really scary in a heartbeat."


    19. "Being judgmental. I want to feel like I can be myself without having to worry if they are gonna think negatively about any random thing I do."