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Zayn Malik Turned Up At The TV Debate (No, Not That One)

Kay Burley introduced Zayn Malik to ask a question to David Cameron, but there was disappointment.

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Everyone got very excited at the Sky News/Channel 4 Q&A, when presenter Kay Burley introduced Zayn Malik.

Hold on. THE Zayn Malik?

Did she just say Zayn Malik is going to ask a question? #BattleForNumber10

Was he there to press David Cameron on youth unemployment, after leaving 1D?

Zayn Malik, with a question about youth unemployment #BattleForNumber10

Had he left One Direction to join the police force?

Zayn Malik? A police officer? Is Kay Burley On Acid? He's just left 1D? No? #BattleForNumber10

Oh, wait. It was this guy.

Sky News / Channel 4

It was all very confusing.

Time has not been kind to Zayn Malik in the 24 hours since his departure. #BattleForNumber10

He's let himself go since leaving One Direction - Zayn Malik #BattleForNumber10

Clearly stress has aged Zayn Malik dramatically after leaving One Direction. #BattleForNumber10

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