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David Cameron Accidentally Calls This Election "Career-Defining"

The gaffe happened at a Q&A in an Asda headquarters.

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David Cameron slipped up at an election event on Friday morning when he mistakenly called next week's election "career-defining".

The prime minister, who was taking questions from Asda staff at a headquarters in Leeds, was asked what his worst fear about the upcoming general election was.

After explaining he was most afraid of an SNP government backing up a Labour government, he meant to say next week's election was "country-defining" – but instead made an embarrassing mistake.

"This is a real career-defining, country-defining election that we face," he said, immediately correcting himself.

As it happened, the gathered press at the event laughed out loud at the obvious gaffe.

It's been seized upon by Labour election strategist David Axelrod, who said it was a "Freudian slip".

The PM's Freudian slip showing? In speaking 2 crowd, Cameron describes next week's vote as "career defining," before subbing word "country."

It confirmed some people's beliefs that Cameron is a career politician.

Calling the election "career defining" is a much more significant slip than missing the edge of the stage.

We bet Cameron knew he had made a mistake as soon as it happened.

In David Cameron's head right now "oh god I called it a career-defining election oh god I called it a career-defining election".

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