17 Examples Of Top Banter At The Tory Party Conference

    Away from the politics, some utter legends were having some banter.

    1. Michael Taylor met Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, who he deemed to be "literally banter".

    Just met the incredible Jacob Rees-Mogg, he's literally banter! @JakeReesMogg #CPC15 #ConservativePartyConference

    2. These lads started the conference with a "cheeky Nando's".

    Kicked off conference with a cheeky @NandosUK with this lot! #cpc15

    3. Liam Bones was excited to meet "Theresa Bae" in Manchester.

    4. Adam Carney got a "casual selfie" with the prime minister.

    5. Hamish Hunter called Cameron "a legend" after he turned up for Scottish Tory drinks.

    The Prime Minister addressing Scottish Conservatives at #cpc15 . What a legend.

    6. Jack Murray was on the same bus as a protester. Lol.

    7. Nadim Muslim chanted "Five more beers!".

    Five more beers! Five more beers! #BeersOfEurope #CPC15

    8. Jessica Lennard had a "Bojo'ito".

    Loving the cheeky cocktails list - mine's a Bojo'ito! @DiageoGB @TheSun #cpc15

    9. This guy literally walked past Jon Snow. "Absolute legend!"

    Literally just walked past @JohnSnowc4 absolute legend! #cpc15

    10. Harry Bull enjoyed the "fun and games" of the protest outside and thinks they should have tried a bit harder during the election.

    All fun and games here at #CPC15 Maybe if they tried this hard before the election, they wouldn't be so angry?

    11. Jonathan Vasey met "the hero that is Jacob Rees-Mogg".

    12. Ben Everitt had a "cheeky #CPC15 beer" with the #BlueFamily.

    Having a cheeky #CPC15 beer with @MeltonBlue, @AylesburyTories and @MKConservatives #BlueFamily

    13. These lads took a "secure zone selfie".

    14. Jonathan Vasey became the northern powerhouse.

    15. Michael Taylor's new favourite hobby is getting called Tory scum.

    It's hard being 'Tory Scum' it's my favourite hobby! 💅🏼😂 #CPC15 #ConservativePartyConference

    16. This woman met "comedy legend" Jim Davidson.

    17. "Meeting Jon Snow. Lad."

    Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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