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Almost Everyone In England And Wales Will Be Able To Vote For The Green Party

"These are exciting times," said a party spokesperson.

This year, more people will be able to vote Green in England and Wales than ever before.

Previously the party has struggled to gain the membership numbers or funding to stand in seats where it was unlikely to make an impact – in 2010, the party stood in just 335 out of 573 seats.

But in next month's general election, with a boosted membership and funding pool, the party will stand at least 535 candidates – nearly 95% of seats.

Additionally, around 40% of Green candidates are women, which, the party claims, gives it the highest proportion of any party.

A party spokesperson said: "These are exciting times for the Green party. We're standing in more seats than ever before and we've hit record numbers of members.

"At this election the Green party is offering a distinct alternative to the business-as-usual politics on show from the other parties. We're standing for an economy that works for everyone – not just those at the top – a truly public NHS, and real action on climate change.

"More people than ever have the chance to vote Green at this election – and we're looking forward to spending the next few weeks on the campaign trail putting forward bold solutions to the problems this country is facing."