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19 Responses To JK Rowling's Tweets About Scottish Politics From Confused Harry Potter Fans

"Why did you kill Dobby?"

JK Rowling is a Labour voter, and believes Scotland is better off as part of the UK rather than as an independent country.

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Rowling – who lives in Scotland's capital, Edinburgh – sometimes goes on Twitter to talk about her views on Scottish politics.

She's become particularly vocal following Thursday's general election, which almost wiped out Labour in Scotland and resulted in a huge rise in the number of pro-independence SNP MPs.

For example, here she is saying Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy should be in Gryffindor, for facing "impossible odds" against the SNP.

For showing unbelievable guts in the face of impossible odds, @JimForScotland, get in Gryffindor. #NotMuchBloodyComfort

But, when Rowling talks about Scottish politics, Harry Potter fans don't really seem that interested.

1. Like this one who wants to know why she can’t take her dog to Hogwarts.

@jk_rowling why Hogwarts students cannot bring a dog to school? just owls, cats or toad?

2. Carolina Maximoff doesn't care about the rise in Scottish political nationalism, because she demands to know why Dobby was killed.

3. Rowling thinks some SNP voters are blood and soil nationalists, but is yet to comment on whether any of them are Ravenclaw.

@jk_rowling What's the best Ravenclaw quality?

4. Nationalism is "inseparable from the desire for power". Which Harry Potter character would you be?

@jk_rowling if you could be a character of Harry Potter, what would you be? xx

5. Here Rowling is trying to explain why the SNP are dangerous, but we all know the true threat comes from Draco Malfoy's patronus.

@jk_rowling Why Draco could never conjure a Patronus?

6. Rowling's support for Labour is largely thanks to her experience of living on benefits. But was Thomas Riddle a nice muggle?

@jk_rowling I need more information about Thomas Riddle I want to know if he was a nice muggle

7. This fan is concerned that wizards may be disenfranchised in the general election.

@jk_rowling can wizards vote in muggle elections???

8. More importantly, how do you say "nationalism" in parseltongue?

@jk_rowling how do you say I love you in parseltongue?

9. This fan responded to Rowling's tweet about former first minister of Scotland Alex Salmond with a nice drawing.

@jk_rowling hope you like my drawing 😊

10. This fan rises above Scottish political nationalism to spread the love.

@jk_rowling i love youuu❤️❤️❤️

11. Komal Shahid just wants JK Rowling to know she exists.

@jk_rowling I exist!!!!!!!! And i love youuuu.

12. After Ed Miliband stepped down as Labour leader on Friday, Rowling started to think about his successor. Is Cornelius Fudge the right man for the job?

@jk_rowling was Cornelius Fudge based on a Prime Minister?

13. This fan simply doesn't care about why there's been a surge in SNP support.

@jk_rowling Jo you think of Brazilian authors? I Love Queen

14. In fact, Brazilian Harry Potter don't seem to be interested in Scottish voting patterns at all.

@jk_rowling give good morning to ur brazilians fans <3 our day will be so much better

15. Neither do Spanish Harry Potter fans.

@jk_rowling can you say something to your spanish fans? 😊

16. Or Indian Harry Potter fans.

17. Particularly this one Indian Harry Potter fan.

@jk_rowling how long till you come visit India?

18. In fact, really, really this one Indian Harry Potter fan.

@jk_rowling okay now I'm really frustrated. Just going to sign off and say PLEASE COME TO INDIA WE NEEE YOU.

19. But this fan does care about Scottish politics, and she is proudly both Hufflepuff and pro-Scottish independence.

@jk_rowling @mackanory @JimForScotland I'm a Hufflepuff that is a strong Scottish Nationalist. House doesn't affect political party

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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