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Some MPs Had A Dog Show And It Was Utterly Ridiculous

The Westminster Dog Show happened today. It was the only place to be if you like seeing elected members of parliament holding little bags of poo.

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Imagine 21 MPs gathered in a park to whoop and cheer as two pugs dressed as a bride and groom are wheeled towards them in a pram.

Ryan Grimley/ BuzzFeed

You have just imagined the annual Westminster Dog Show, and it actually, really happened this morning.

After weeks of campaigning, today was the day when the most important dog in British politics was crowned.

Andrew Mitchell's springer spaniel Scarlet was an early favourite thanks to this powerful poster campaign.

...and David Burrowes MP with Cholmeley.

Ryan Grimley/ BuzzFeed

Burrowes told Buzzfeed News he was confident Cholmeley would get a podium place, as the labrador had been developing his social media profile. "Cholmeley recognises the importance of the new forms of electoral communications," he said.


Then the dogs had to undertake an assault course, which they almost universally hated. Here's Christopher Chope MP failing to persuade Minnie to go into a tube.

Ryan Grimley/ BuzzFeed

Chope said he sometimes takes Minnie, formally known as Minerva, into difficult meetings as a diversionary tactic. "People tend to forget about their political differences when there's a cute puppy in the room," he said.


Having said that, Indie wasn't on her best behaviour all morning...

Here's Chris Skidmore MP carrying a little bag of poo. #westminsterdogshow

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Here's Chris Skidmore MP carrying a little bag of poo. #westminsterdogshow

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Gove's dog is called Snowy and she's a "naughty, greedy, and stubborn" Bichon Frise.

Ryan Grimley/ BuzzFeed

Gove said he'd given Snowy a bath specially for the event, but was modest about his chances in the competition. "Snowy is a debutant dog and he's a little bit nervous today," he said. "The most important thing is that he makes some friends, and goes on to bigger and better things in the years to come."

Snowy took a shine to BuzzFeed News.


But if it's possible to choose one highlight of the day, it was the appearance of David Amess MP's two pugs, who arrived in a pram dressed as a bride and groom, obviously.

Ryan Grimley/ BuzzFeed

Amess's stunt divided the other competitors. Burrowes complained that "Amess is shameless", but Gove thought it a "fantastic idea".

And the winner is...

Harry Cole / Via

...Rob Flello MP's enormous alsatian, Diesel! Snowy came second, and Laurence Robertson MP's Sausage came third.

Flello said he was "absolutely delighted" with the victory and would reward Diesel with some cheese. A bitter Gove said: "Once again we have a German winner."


The Westminster Dog Show is organised by Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club.

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