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    SNP Voters Are Putting On Tin Hats To Ridicule A Sexist Comment About Nicola Sturgeon From A Labour MP

    The first minister was called "a wee lassie with a tin helmet on" by a Labour MP.

    Labour MP David Hamilton called Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon "a wee lassie with a tin helmet on" at the Scottish Labour conference on Saturday.

    Deputy Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said Hamilton was given a dressing-down by women in the party over the comment.

    @ShonaRobison @talatyaqoob @jackiebmsp @Margaret_Curran @melanie_ward no and he was pulled up about it at the women's reception.

    But SNP supporters have found a more novel way to ridicule Hamilton – by donning tin helmets of their own.

    @theSNP @NicolaSturgeon @WomenForIndy HappyInternationalWomensDay! I'm a lassie in a #TinHat too! #VoteSNP #VoteEmma

    Most have made do with items found around the house.

    @NicolaSturgeon #tinhelmet Wee Scottish Lassies United!! #VoteSNP

    Rocking my #TinHat for all the Sisters of Scotland in the battle of #GE2015

    Don't listen to that stupid man @NicolaSturgeon! #tinhat

    But some hats are a little more ostentatious.

    Another #GE15 appropriate #TinHat for @NewScotGirl. She's ready for whatever Westminster throws at her.

    Some people have got their dogs involved.

    Night prayer; just before I lay to sleep I pray the Lord more #tinhat tweets. These #tinhatdug ones are the funniest.

    It'll be a ruff election for Labour if even @Lin_Anderson's dog has taken a dislike with its #TinHat on.

    There were also these cats in hats.

    Tin hat family portrait #tinhatselfie #votesnp #teamnicola

    And adorable pro-independence kids as well.

    @NicolaSturgeon Someone to give the FM a bit of support! Baby Skye #TinHat

    Some have taken their tin hats out on the campaign trail.

    .@eastwoodsnp222 out campaigning for a pots & pans revolution in Scotland. #tinHats

    All to support Nicola Sturgeon – "the Nat in the tin hat".

    something went BUMP! how that bump made us jump! we looked! and we saw her! the Nat in the #TinHat