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SNP Politician Tells Supporters To Prepare For A Second Independence Referendum

Christian Allard told constituents to be ready for #IndyRef2.

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An SNP MSP has urged his constituents to prepare to hit the streets and campaign in a second Scottish independence referendum.

Christian Allard MSP.
Christian Allard

Christian Allard MSP.

Christian Allard, MSP for North East Scotland, sent a letter to SNP members in the area asking for their backing as he bids for a second term as MSP in next May's Holyrood election.

In the letter, Allard told members they should be ready to campaign in an "inevitable" repeat of the independence referendum, writing that they should "all prepare for campaigning in a second independence referendum for Scotland".

Before last September's referendum, first minister Nicola Sturgeon said the vote would be "a-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" but has, more recently, said there will be another independence referendum "when the Scottish people decide".

The letter, which was posted to Reddit by a constituent, was sent to SNP members throughout the northeast of Scotland.

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"A second referendum on independence is inevitable," wrote Allard. "I want to be the MSP to lead the independence movement in the area I know very well, across the diverse communities of Aberdeen South and North Kincardine."

Later in the letter, he continued: "There is much work to be done to first address the challenges brought by the austerity agenda of this Westminster government, to highlight the fact that the vow promising home rule, devo max, and near federalism has been broken, and for us all to prepare for campaigning in a second independence referendum for Scotland."

Allard was unavailable for comment, but an SNP spokesperson said the party "certainly will be prepared" for another referendum if there is one.

"The timing of any future referendum is a matter for the people of Scotland to decide – the people, not politicians, are in charge," said the spokesperson. "But if there is another referendum then the SNP will certainly be prepared for it, which is all that Mr Allard is saying here."

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