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6 Things Devolved By The Smith Commission Which You Didn't Notice

The Smith Commission has announced its recommendations for what new powers Scotland should get. Here's some obscure things you might have missed.

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The proposal that Scotland should have power over its income tax is grabbing all the headlines after the Smith Commission made its recommendations for Scottish devolution.

But here are some things the cross-party report recommends should be devolved that you might not have noticed.

1. Nationalist lighthouses.

jtr27 / Jonathan/jtr27 / Jonathan

Fancy a change of career? The Smith Commission recommends that Scotland have more of a say in the control of its lighthouses, and says the Scottish parliament will be able to appoint a "Scottish Northern Lighthouse commissioner".

2. "Made in Scotland" labels.

Rosemary Calvert/Rosemary Calvert

The parties of the Smith Commission all agreed that it's important EU food labelling law is changed to make it possible for Scottish foods like haggis and shortbread to be labelled "made in Scotland".

3. Power to stop the menace of bingo machines.


The Scottish parliament will have power to prevent "the proliferation of Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals" – things like slot machines, bingo machines, and simulated horse-racing.


5. The renationalisation of Scotland's railways?

Alan Barr/Alan Barr

The Smith Commission will "allow public sector operators to bid for rail franchises funded and specified by Scottish Ministers". Basically, that means the Scottish government can bid to take Scotland's railways back into government hands.

6. Fracking.

Phil Noble / Reuters

The settlement includes "the responsibility for mineral access rights for underground onshore extraction of oil and gas", which means that if there's fracking in Scotland it will need to have received the go-ahead from the Scottish government.

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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