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21 Signs Corbynmania Might Be Getting Slightly Out Of Hand

Jeremy Corbyn fan art exists now. What a world.

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The 66-year-old MP is packing out halls full of screaming fans on a daily basis, like at this rally in London on Monday night.

3. This Labour activist has decided to call his new cat "Corbyn" after the anti-austerity parliamentarian.

@662Maz my partner has identified a rescue cat called Missy and I have asked if it possible to change a Cat's name. I want my corbyn

5. People are drawing Jeremy Corbyn fan art. That's a real, factual sentence which exists in the world now.

6. In fact, there's loads of it. In this one Corbyn looks like a frightening character from a Grimm's fairy tale.

7. This is a self-portrait of the time the man on the left met his political hero.

8. This is fandom art in its purest form.

9. People are also embroidering pro-Corbyn propaganda.

10. There are faintly disturbing depictions of Corbyn signing a woman's breast.

11. People are demanding photos with the man they want to be Labour leader, although he doesn't seem to have quite mastered the art of the fandom photograph yet.

12. He had two attempts at a smile here but didn't quite manage.

13. People fancy Jeremy Corbyn.

is it weird that I kind of fancy Jeremy Corbyn a bit


15. Then go out for a pint of Jeremy Corbyn lager with the lads.

17. While wearing your Corbyn-themed outfit. / Via

19. We're not saying your dinosaur shouldn't be supporting Jeremy Corbyn.

20. Or that you shouldn't be plastering posters of Corbyn as Che Guevara all over the streets of London.

21. But maybe, just maybe, this is all going a bit far.

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