We Asked A Leading Political Theorist To Analyse Russell Brand's Manifesto And He Wasn't Impressed

    "I’m sure Mr Brand’s heart is in the right place, but I’m now less confident about his head," the chair of political theory at the London School of Economics told BuzzFeed News.

    Russell Brand is getting both flak and praise for his new political manifesto, Revolution. BuzzFeed News had no idea who was right, so we asked someone who knows his stuff.

    Here are the thoughts of Professor Chandran Kukathas, the chair of political theory at the London School of Economics, who said he is "very sympathetic to anarchists" but is "sorry to say Brand's manifesto as it's been reported is utterly incoherent".

    Brand on General Motors: Stop exporting cars as "other countries have their own fucking cars".

    Brand on the financial industry: "If my vacuum cleaner went nuts and forced me to live in economic slavery, I wouldn't roll my eyes and say 'Oh well' and humbly do its bidding. I'd turn it off and fuck it out the window."

    Brand on the nation state: "It may have served its purpose and have to be dissolved, it's not a big deal."

    Brand on debt: "Cancelling personal debt would stimulate the economy more than any 'too big to fail' bank quantitative easing."

    Brand on the economy: "The economy is just a metaphorical device. It's not real, that's why it's got the word 'con' in it."

    Brand on corporations: "There's loads of corporations all over the world, exploiting with impunity. If they don't pay tax, we'll reclaim their assets and give them to the people who work there to run."

    Brand on revolution: "The spiritual Revolution, the Revolution we are about to realise, will be fast because the organisms are in place."