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Miserable Political Journalists Are Being Trundled Around The UK On Campaign Buses

Pity these poor hacks on their endless, boring cavalcade.

It's traditional at election time for a bunch of journalists to hop on election "battlebuses" and be shuttled around the UK with campaigning politicians.

Paddy Ashdown not impressed by the Tory bus. Says it looks like the Gatwick Shuttle.

Sounds like a right laugh, doesn't it? But, actually, it doesn't look like the journalists are having that much fun at all.

An insight into what goes on the Lib Dem #battlebus with @paddyashdown #GE2015

In fact, all of the journalists look quite miserable as they trundle from town to town.

Squint hard enough, and you can see an infinity loop in progress over @skynewsmichelle's shoulder on the Lib Dem bus

Even Ed Miliband doesn't look very excited to be on his bus.

BBC News

And neither does the man he's speaking to, Bill Turnbull.

Bill Turnbull

Their misery is particularly noticeable when it's emphasised on an infinite TV vortex.

Endless BBC News vortex live on the Lib Dem battlebus.

Niall Paterson's eyes scream "help me".

Sky News

We're worried he might be getting bullied by the other journalists.

The jokes on the bus go round and round.... #GE2015 #daftreporter @skynewsniall

And to make things worse, he's feeling travelsick as well.

Waiting to go live on the Tory battlebus - this is what it be got to look at. It's not helping my travel sickness...

This Sky News producer is so bored he can't stop himself falling asleep at 6.20pm.

Sleeping beauty @SkyFixerJim. End of long day on lib dem bus. Stuck on M4 a long way from home #libdems #ge2015

This photographer just looks knackered, but still, at least he's placed next to the coffee machine.

Top photographer @parsnippo grabs best seat on the Lib Dem bus after an early start - next to coffee machine.

But then the coffee machine breaks down.

The BBC have broken the battlebus coffee machine. Your licence fee money is getting me an americano extra shot unless fixed soon

The journalists are occasionally let outside of the bus. For example, here Nick Clegg treats some Scottish journalists to one baked potato each.

The Scottish lobby treated to a lunch of jacket potatoes with Nick Clegg. #GE2015

Here Matt Holehouse from The Telegraph gets taken around a hedgehog sanctuary with Nick Clegg and Paddy Ashdown.

The hedgehog is called Humpty, as it fell off a wall. "Theyve got lovely little faces," says Ashdown

"Are they sociable," asks Clegg.

This hedgehog suffered a head injury that left it walking in circles. Are they sociable, asks Clegg

But, before long, they all pile back on to the buses.

On the Tory battle bus - @George_Osborne interview with @bbckamal on @TelegraphNews letter. On @BBCNews at 6 pm

And the miserable circus moves on to another town.

Back on the Lib Dem bus and heading to Watford-LD target seat. Health will be on agenda for Clegg #ge2015 #libdems

Still, don't worry, journalists – only 36 days to go.

Wagons roll: #cleggbus heads south as DPM calls on Labour/Cons Scots to vote to keep out SNP

Have sympathy for these brave men and women bringing you the news. Right now, somewhere in a service station on the M6, they're trying to get a comment out of Vince Cable.

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

Contact Jamie Ross at

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